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Tool of our destruction, big floaty thing what kicks our asses
Vitality:2500 / 5000 /
Primary weapon:alien weapon
Secondary weapon:rocket
Notes: 💣

Juggernauts are the massive floating missile platforms that make up the Pfhor heavy artillery. They are equipped with homing rocket launchers and multiple large versions of alien weapons, referred to as N-Cannons. They are known to the Nar as "Gaze in stunned disbelief at the tool of our destruction" and to the Nebulons as "The big floaty thing what kicks our asses".

They can take several rockets before they are disabled, and when disabled they begin to list to the left and bail slowly to the ground. When they touch the ground, they crash and explode with a blinding flash visible anywhere on the level, dealing a large amount of damage to anything in the blast radius.


Juggernauts are differently colored to denote their model:

Minor juggernaut

Minor juggernauts wear black armor. They have vitality roughly five and a half times the maximum player character's health, fire pairs of homing missiles and their N-Cannons.

Major juggernaut

Major juggernauts wear brown armor. They have twice the vitality of minor juggernauts, and fire two pairs of missiles with each attack.

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