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Vitality:200 / 300 / 1500
Primary weapon:plasma cannon
Invulnerabilities: 🔥

The Hunters are the heavy assault troops of the Pfhor and are outfitted with full, mechanical body armor, and a shoulder-mounted cannon which fires bolts of plasma. In the original Marathon, they also appear to be equipped with arm-mounted shields. They are one of the tougher varieties of enemies that a player can encounter. Due to their mechanical armor, they have a weakness to the fusion bolts emitted from a fusion pistol. They will explode into chunky goo when killed by a fusion pistol or another explosion.



Hunters wear different colors of armor to denote abilities and rank:

Minor hunter

Brown armor denotes the lowest rung of Pfhor hunters: the minor hunters. These are the easiest variety of hunters to take down.

Major hunter

Green armor is worn by the major hunter, whom can take about twice as much damage as the minor hunter. When the game's difficulty level is set to "Total Carnage", no minor hunters ever appear. Instead, you will see only major hunters.

Mother of All Hunters / MOAH

Blue armor belongs to the most powerful form of hunter, the Mother Of All Hunters. These appear only once in the official Marathon levels and are about 1.5 times the size of the regular hunters. They pack a real punch and are many times more powerful than the regular hunters.

Elite hunter

Dark gray armor is worn only by Elite soldiers, such as members of Admiral Tfear's personal guard whom make their only appearance on the level You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time! and the Vidmaster Challenge levels. In addition, Elite hunters are the only unit in the Pfhor ranks to have homing projectiles. They can also survive numerous direct hits from rockets before dying.

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