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Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 1 solo, 2 net
Developer: Quartz
Initial Release: March 12, 1999
Latest Release: March 12, 1999
Status: Incomplete
What's New: OPSTW

Hoth is a incomplete scenario set at some unknown time in the Marathon Universe. A preview of the scenario was released in 1999 including one single player map, new shapes, textures, sounds, images and physics. The full version was never released.


You're beamed down to invade a minor pfhor outpost on a cold moon off in never-never land, and your primary mission is to destroy their planet-to-orbit relay antenna and their short-range intra-base antenna. After that, you make your way to any big, open, high area to be beamed to the next section of the outpost.


Only one single player level was included in the preview.


Hoth includes a few new weapons:

Incoming message from Thoth...
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