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Hats Off to Eight Nineteen was created by Randy Reddig as a secret level and was discovered in an easter egg by a member of the Marathon Story Page named N Revenge. The level itself is not playable from any of the Marathon games because it does not exist as a map. Rather, the level is entirely contained within two secret terminals from Marathon Infinity as hexadecimal code. The first terminal is found on Ne Cede Malis the second is on Aye Mak Sicur (terminal codes M3.01.3.1 and M3.25.3.1, respectively).

The level can be downloaded from Fileball for Aleph One at this URL: http://fileball.net/marathon/item.fb?502386547


Eight Nineteen

The level name, "Hats Off to Eight Nineteen", is homage to Hamish Sinclair. "H" is eighth letter the alphabet, and "S" is the nineteenth letter which provides the initials "H.S." Randy Reddig provided assistance in revealing the reason behind the name.[1]


To recreate the level from the two terminals so that it can be played, these are the required steps:

Note: These instructions are for Mac OS 9 and require use of ResEdit, a program specific to Mac OS 9.
  • Take the hexadecimal code from both of the relevant terminals (M3.01.3.1 and M3.25.3.1) and combine the two separate blocks into one, complete block one after the other.
  • Open ResEdit and copy the whole block into the hex side of a new resource. (It should not matter what kind of resource it is.)
  • After the post into the hex side, the ASCII side of the resource will fill out with random characters beginning with "SIT".
  • Copy all of the ASCII characters.
  • Paste the ASCII block into a new text document and save it.
  • Open the text document with Stuffit Expander, which will convert it into a Stuffit document. Opening it in Stuffit again will unstuff a map file.


The only terminal on Hats Off to Eight Nineteen contains a short story written by Chris Geisel of Double Aught and was set in an early version of the world of their next expected project Duality.[2]


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