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Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 are modern first-person shooters (FPS) released by Bungie. They bear a number of striking similarities to the Marathon trilogy, but Bungie has repeatedly denied any correlation.[1] There are numerous easter eggs within the three games that reference the Marathon games and other software from Bungie's past.



Both series feature a cybernetic protagonist that possesses an unusual ability of destroying enormous quantities of enemy soldiers without significant harm. Artificial intelligence are also common and the player-character takes orders directly from A.I. Various overarching concepts can be found in both series such as the similarity between Jjaro and the Forerunners and rampancy.[citation needed]

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Bungie has confirmed the Halo series and Marathon Series do not take place in the same universe. In addition, the Marathon and Halo universes contradict each other in a number of ways:

  • The UESC Marathon left Sol in 2472 and arrived at Tau Ceti in 2773, but by 2552 in the Halo universe, the UNSC had already wrested Tau Ceti from the Covenant, and had earlier colonized many other worlds, while in Marathon, it was the first planet to be colonized by Humans.
  • The protagonist of the Marathon series had been in cryostasis on board the UESC Marathon for the last 300 years, from 2472 to 2773, making it impossible for him to be John-117. In addition, the game's manual states that he was born on Mars, while the Master Chief was born on Eridanus II.
  • Yet another aspect in which Marathon clashes with the Halo trilogy is that the Pfhor in the Marathon Universe are the first ever alien species encountered by humanity (in 2794,) while the Covenant in the Halo universe are encountered in 2525, before Marathon takes place chronologically.
  • It should also be noted that, at the time of the Marathon's construction, the humans of the Marathon universe have not yet invented faster than light travel while the humans of the Halo universe have (in 2291, 117 years before construction of the Marathon commenced,) and that the humans of the Halo universe have not invented teleportation while the humans of the Marathon universe have (some time in the 2200s.)

Crossover theories

There have been many attempts at correlating the universes of the Marathon trilogy and the Halo series. Common theories are that the events contained in the Marathon universe occur in the same timeline as the events in the Halo universe or occur in an altered timeline. Some speculate that the player-character escaped the closure of the universe and survived the ensuing creation of the Halo universe.[citation needed] No theories have been given any credit by Bungie employees and there have been direct denials of any correlation between the two universes.[2] Most of the theories have obvious problems involving various differences between the two universes.[citation needed]

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