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Grenade hopping is an advanced technique used in Marathon 1 to reach secrets and high places that would be otherwise inaccessible. The performance of grenade hopping was significantly weakened in Marathon 2 but can still be used with good effect.

There are two basic ways of accomplishing this: one moving forwards and one moving backwards. To grenade hop forwards, the player-character will need to have enough health to survive the explosion and is accomplished by aiming an assault rifle toward the floor, running forward, and firing a grenade. When the grenade explodes it will launch (hop) the player-character into the air in the direction he was traveling. Hopping backwards mimics this process but instead of running forward, the player-character runs backward. This will propel the player-character farther but not as high, by the use of weapons that present large or many projectiles that are not explosive, such as the shotguns. Only the recoil from the gun is used so no damage is taken. More advanced techniques use walls to increase the distance and height of the maneuver.

A method similar to grenade hopping can also be accomplished by using shots fired by enemies, such as Fighters and Troopers. This technique has been used to retrieve the pistol on Charon Doesn't Make Change without expending ammunition.[citation needed]

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