Foe Hammer

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Foe Hammer
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 14
Author Chris Geisel
Randy Reddig
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Pfhor
Attributes Magnetic
Monsters Hunter
Previous Naw Man He's Close
Next Hang Brain

Foe Hammer is the eighth level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



You have changed sides, and are fighting for Durandal. The enemies on this level are Hunters and Cyborgs, and the rampant Compilers form their own faction. Your best friend on this level is the fusion pistol, as all enemies on this level are vulnerable to it. Again, try and keep a charged bolt for just around the corner, there may be a Hunter or a Cyborg waiting. Do not access Tycho's terminals, as they will apparently send you into space. You won't loose any air, due to engine limitations, but it may displace you from your place in the map.


The level begins with you appearing in a small room overlooking another part of the ship; watch out for Compilers over the other side taking potshots at you. Collect the Shotgun and ammunition, and a contingent of VacBobs will teleport in to help with the initial battle. They will all be killed quickly, so be prepared to fight once the Compilers join. The rest of the level is really quite simple, just keep that Fusion Pistol ready. The aim is to first rise a bridge on the western side of the level- just flip as many switches in plain sight as possible. Then cross the bridge, kill the Cyborgs, and flip all the switches in the overlooking rooms. Beware that at the end of a small hallway, there is a pit of plasma. Don't jump in; it's nearly impossible to get out; just don't try.


  • In the western plasma room, there is a switch at plasma level. Flip it with the Fusion Pistol, and find elsewhere in the level, part of the floor in a shaft has dropped. The route at the bottom leads to a blue Hunter. Keep your distance; kill it with the Fusion Pistol, flip the switch, and collect the SSM reward. Step into the teleporter to get back.


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Message to Greg

Terminal 2, Message One.

uh, huh huh

greg k has very stinky armpits late at night odor immortalized in green


Vacuum Level Controversy- Naw Man He's Close and Foe Hammer

One may have noticed, that in the last two levels, an affinity with the airless environment. On Naw Man, we have the airlocks opening, exclusively vacuum-enabled foes and allies, and a more or less fitting storyline. On Foe Hammer, we have a number of quite useless air rechargers, open windows to space, a terminal teleport to outer space, exclusively vacuum-enabled foes, and ammunition to fit a vacuum environment. Did Bungie cut these out at the last minute? It seems that, with already a pair of consecutive vacuum levels, it just didn't seem necessary.

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