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Also known as the Sword of Power, and wielded by King Arthur, Excalibur is a medieval sword of unmeasurable properties. It is foretold that this magical sword was forged by God, and rose from an enchanted lake sometime during the Dark Ages.

Excalibur, the sword of power

First wielded by Lord Uther, Excalibur was thrust into a stone rock during the fall of Uther's reign. For years, no man could release the sword from the stone. The Sorcerer Merlin proclaimed that he who freed the sword from the stone would become king. Years later, a young apprentice by the name of Arthur, son of Uther, came across the sword and, unaware of its power, freed the sword from the stone. Arthur became King, and used the power of Excalibur to unite the lands.

Excalibur has special properties of being invincible, and can conjure up enough power to emit lightning bursts when called upon. The sword draws its power from the enchanted waters of Avalon.

Excalibur is the only weapon that can penetrate Mordred's armor in the game Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge.


Medieval period

During Arthur's reign, Camelot was built, and the Knights of the Round Table came to be. The original knights of the Round Table include Galahad, Lancelot du Lac, Gawain, Percival, Lionell, Bors de Ganis, Kay, Tristram de Lyones, Gareth, Bedivere, Bleoberis, La Cote Male Taile, Lucan, Palomedes, Lamorak, Safer, Pelleas, Hector de Maris, Dagonet, Degore, Brunor le Noir, Le Bel Desconneu, and Alymere.

While the sorcerer Merlin was guiding the king, Arthur's half-sister Morgana began dabbling in the art of black magic. When King Arthur discovered that Camelot's greatest knight, Sir Lancelot, was having an affair with the queen, with unbearable anguish he thrust Excalibur into the earth. Once again, the land was without a king. In a moment of desperation, Merlin revealed the Charm of Making to Morgana. Morgana seized the opportunity and used the charm against Merlin to imprison him for all eternity in a pillar of ice.

Morgana began her rampage, using the charm to conceive a child with Arthur. She bore a son, Mordred, whom she protected with magical armor. Mauvair, her master wizard, also protected and trained Mordred as he grew. In time, the evil trio threatened to conquer King Arthur and take Camelot.

While the queen kept Excalibur safely hidden, the Quest Knights set out in search of the Holy Grail. Though the grail was never found, Percival discovered the secret of the grail, Arthur regained what was lost, and a final battle scene ensued where Arthur, wielding Excalibur, joined with Lancelot and his other knights to defeat Mordred and his armies. This, however, is where history begins to re-write itself.

Ancient history records chronicle the above accounts, but recently discovered records reveal an entirely different outcome. The change appears to have occurred after an experimental time travel expedition which took place in 2270. The experiment disrupted the space time continuum. The crew conducting the experiment lacked understanding of the forces they were dealing with. No precautions were taken, and the result was a breach in the time line. Due to new accounts written during the time of Camelot, it is believed that this experiment ripped through the continuum connected with the period of Camelot, and ignited an electrical storm.

Earlier records indicated that the spirit of Merlin influenced the outcome of events, including a visit to Morgana which caused her to lose her youth. Mordred is believed to have killed his mother in disgust, and to have later lost his life in the battle scene that took place with Arthur and his knights. Mordred could only be killed by the magical powers of Excalibur, which Arthur wielded in battle.

However, later records indicate that after the great electrical storm of the Dark Ages, Merlin was never seen again, in reality or in dreams. Because of this, Morgana lived. After Arthur and his knights defeated Mordred's armies, Mordred and Morgana escaped. They remained in seclusion for decades that followed.

Many years after the battle, people throughout the land began reporting odd occurrences. Goats and sheep were disappearing without a trace. Children would return home with strange markings engraved upon their flesh, having no recollection of how they were put there.

By order of the king, scouts went on special alert. Kirin, a Ranger of the Enchanted Forest, and one of Arthur's most skilled archers, was a scout stationed near the edge of Lake Gallion. One night in her sleep, she dreamt of the Lady of the Lake. The dream, however, turned into a nightmare when the Lady's face became distorted, mutating into another form: Morgana. The nightmare woke her, and as she rose she could hear a thunderous roar coming from the other side of the lake. Not knowing what it was, she had a strong sense of foreboding. Something terrible was about to happen.

After years of concealing herself in the Dark Forest, The Sorceress Morgana had come out of hiding. With her master wizard Mauvair and her son Mordred at her side, she led a force so powerful that entire towns were destroyed in a single day. Her attacks were executed with such speed that many never awoke from their sleep to witness the blood and mayhem. Her timing was perfect. Arthur was disabled with a mysterious illness, and many of his best knights were far away still in search of the Holy Grail. Morgana's magic dried up streams, turned lakes into lava pools, and withered crops to dust.

At the climax of the bloodshed, Morgana and Mauvair overtook and fortified the Mannenhaum stronghold near the base of the mountain on which Camelot stood. Arthur sent scores of knights, archers and sorcerers to fight against Morgana and her black magic, but it was hopeless. The scene at Mannenhaum was the worst massacre in Camelot's history. The Ranger Kirin was the only one to escape alive.

Kirin returned to Camelot with the horrific details of the massacre, and warned Arthur of the impending attack on Camelot itself. Realizing the impossibility of fighting off this attack, Arthur organized an escape with those remaining in the castle. Kirin returned to the Enchanted Forest to help those who were still free of Morgana's clutches. Noticeably absent from the scene was Merlin. In fact, he had not been seen for months.

After Morgana besieged Camelot, she began a diabolical new undertaking... one that reached beyond the boundaries of her new kingdom, beyond the boundaries of her world, and beyond the boundaries of time. Because of an ill-conceived and poorly planned experiment with time travel, the outcome of the past was changed, and now the survival of mankind was in jeopardy.

Modern period

Circa 2289, a wicked series of attacks were made on outposts and space colonies throughout the galaxy. Every platoon put in action was beaten back by space pirates. Federation Command decided to try a different approach. They would choose one brave marine to infiltrate the pirate raids. By utilizing only one marine, the Federation was far less conspicuous. If the marine failed, the loss of one would justify the salvation of thousands. Fortunately for the Federation, they picked the right marine, and the space pirates were defeated. The leader of the pirate raids, known as the Devil in a Blue Dress, was destroyed. Sensor readings taken from their pirate ship, the El Diablo, showed signs of time travel. Further investigations showed a greater force behind the pirate raids, a force which originated from the Camelot period. Thanks to modern man breaking the boundaries of time, Morgana survived and, in time, discovered a means of time traveling herself.

In 2290, a desperate Federation recruited the same marine who defeated the space pirates to hunt down and destroy Morgana. The marine thought of it as just one more assignment. Federation Command, however, knew it was much more. They needed to repair the damage caused by their time traveling experiments and were acutely aware that the odds were no longer in their favor. In order to correct the disruption to the time line, one of the tasks would be to locate the sword Excalibur and use it to destroy Mordred.

These are the latest accounts regarding Excalibur. As of yet, there are no reports depicting either success or failure of this mission.

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