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Vitality:120 / 160 /
Primary weapon:alien weapon
Notes: 🔫

First encountered aboard the Pfhor ship, Enforcers wear a cloak-like robe and have blue skin. Their appearance significantly changes between Marathon and Marathon 2/∞, becoming much more broad in the shoulders. This unit is unique in that it will fire upon other Pfhor if there are any humans (i.e. Marathon crew members) in the vicinity, as their job is to enforce order upon lower-ranking Pfhor. Enforcers carry an unusual weapon which launches fiery projectiles at an impressive rate. The weapon is unique in that ammunition cannot be found for it, and causes the player's HUD to malfunction when it is selected. This weapon also changes between 1 and 2/∞. When killed in Marathon 2: Durandal and Infinity with explosives or fire (including the weapon it carries), the less-durable gun will explode or disintegrate along with the Enforcer killed.



Enforcers wear different colors of armor to denote abilities and rank:

Minor enforcer

Teal robes are worn by the minor enforcer, which is less skilled and less powerful than its major counterpart.

Major enforcer

Blue and brown robes are worn by the major enforcer, which is more skilled and more powerful than its minor counterpart. When the game's difficulty level is set to "Total Carnage", no minor enforcers ever appear. Instead, you will see only major enforcers.

Elite enforcer

Dark gray armor is worn only by Elite soldiers, such as members of Admiral Tfear's personal guard whom make their only appearance on the level You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time! and the Vidmaster Challenge levels. They can survive numerous direct hits from rockets before dying.


  • The vitality statistics were taken from the Aleph One source code.
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