Electric Sheep Two

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Electric Sheep Two
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 11
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Lava
Monsters Enforcer
Previous Thing What Kicks...
Electric Sheep One
Electric Sheep Three
Next Whatever You Please

Electric Sheep Two is the fifth level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



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Same deal as Electric Sheep One. Deja Vu.

What many people try to do on this level is to aim for the same exit point as with the first Electric Sheep. This is a bad idea, as you'll be sent to levels 6-10 again, and end up right back at this level. Instead, when you hit the lighted switch, a bridge should rise to the south, leading to another set of stairs, and jumping down onto the nearby platform will get you onto the next level.


There are no secrets on this level.


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