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UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) Return/Enter to Acknowledge
Electric Sheep One
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 5
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Lava
Monsters Enforcer
Previous Confound Delivery
Two for the Price of One Secret
Next Where are monsters in dreams
Electric Sheep Two Shortcut

Electric Sheep One is the fourth level of Despair, the first chapter of Marathon Infinity.



You'll see this level later in the game, so don't start getting cases of deja vu.


After collecting the ammo and reading the terminal, look at the niches where the switches are located: one should be lit up. Use a grenade and hit the switch, this will bring up a bridge to the north side of the level...climb up the stairs, and if necessary, collect the 1x powerup canister, then jump down to the pillar that is just below you. The top of this is the jump point for this level.

If you make a noise (firing a weapon, for example), you'll activate an enforcer and several energy ticks. These can be basically ignored, although I have seen the enforce turn and fight me. He should be easy to take out with your MA75.


  • By grenade hopping and other tricks, you can make it to the south side of the map, where the enforcer teleports in. Climbing up these steps, and jumping down to the platform nearby will lead you to Electric Sheep Two, and you can skip a good chuck of the game with this.


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