Devil in a Blue Dress

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Devil in a Blue Dress

Engine: Marathon 1
Levels: 21, all single-player
A1-compatible? Converted
Developer: Marathon Map Makers Guild[1]
Initial Release: November 1995[2]
Latest Release: December 2, 1996[3], v 2.2
Status: Complete
What's New: SU

... reports have been jamming the radio frequencies throughout the


... starships sacked ...

... starship personnel slaughtered or held as slaves...

... but you're on vacation!

... until the resort you're staying at comes under attack ...

... who is leading this deadly force?

... where will the pirate ship Diablo strike next?

Devil in a Blue Dress, or DiaBD, was originally developed for Marathon and later ported to Marathon 2. This latter version is compatible with Aleph One.

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