Dark Rose

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Dark Rose
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 6 co-op, 12 network
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Atlantis Crew
Initial Release: October 31, 1998
Latest Release: June 10, 2004, v 3.0
Status: Complete
What's New: TU

Dark Rose is a 1998 scenario map pack created by the Atlantis Crew for Bungie’s Marathon Infinity Macintosh computer game. It features a six level cooperative multiplayer campaign and twelve multiplayer deathmatch levels. This scenario is unique in that there is no single player campaign; cooperative teamwork between two players is a requirement to successfully complete the campaign. Originally released for Marathon Infinity, it and has since been updated for Aleph One as well as the Dusk texture and sprite package. A short promotional film featuring animation and screen-captures from gameplay footage was released to the Internet on September 28th, 1998.



Existing outside of the Marathon universe, the story of Dark Rose begins in the distant past when an alien spaceship crashes to Earth in the South Pacific Ocean. Modern humans discover the decaying underwater craft sixteen-thousand years later in our near future and attempt to reverse-engineer the technology. The product of this research is Dark Rose, humanity’s first starship. Meanwhile, a dormant artificial intelligence brought to Earth by the original alien craft has been watching. Assuming that the human race will use the alien technology for war, the AI infiltrates and takes command of Dark Rose before attempting to destroy the human race. The action of the game takes place during the attempt to recover Dark Rose and eliminate the AI.


Dark Rose is an experiment gameplay as it’s campaign utilizes only the game’s cooperative mode. To play and enjoy the game, two players playing separately over a network are required. Both player characters are generic super soldiers who are together sent to Dark Rose to prevent it from destroying humanity. Players entering the game are randomly assigned one of two insertion points and are typically separated by walls, doors, platforms, and even empty space. The actions of one player allow the other continue and overall goals cannot be accomplished alone.


This is the complete listing of all eighteen levels available in Dark Rose. Mapmaking, level design, and physics were a collaborative effort between Adam Rose, Ryan Rose, Josh Knotts, Bryan Sauber, and Larry Chesler.

Cooperative campaign

Multiplayer deathmatch levels


The main storyline was written by Adam Rose, Bryan Sauber, and Josh Knotts. Certain plot elements were inspired by the novel, Sphere, by Michael Crichton, as well as the 1951 science fiction film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Dark Rose was announced, produced, and released in less than a year.


Dark Rose is one of the few scenarios if not the only Marathon Infinity scenario to be completely designed for the cooperative gameplay feature built into the game’s engine. In May of 1999, Dark Rose version 2.0 was included on the cover CD of issue #33 of MacAddict Magazine. In 2004, a major revision was released that could be used with the Dusk texture and sprite package, which was also a creation of the Atlantis Crew.

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