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Confound Delivery
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 4
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Water
Mission Exploration
Monsters Hunter
Previous Poor Yorick
Next Electric Sheep One

Confound Delivery is the third level of Despair, the first chapter of Marathon Infinity.



The level is a continuation of the previous levels mission, where the Bobs are attempting to halt your efforts. Again, F'lickta are also providing resistance, and hunters, and exclusively Juggernauts are boosting your resolve. Be frugal with your time in the water, as there is only a recharger at the end of the level.


You begin in a cornered off section, where a bunker opens up to you. Hunters will teleport in to dispatch the F'lickta. Then, flip the switches to the floodgates, where the rest of the level will be revealed to you. The level is great for exploring; there are multiple routes to take, and much to find. If you have the SMG, don't use it, as you will need it in later levels (even though there is another later, the ammunition you already have for it is invaluable), instead, use fists on the underwater F'lickta. When fighting Bobs, stay under cover, and pick off one at a time, in a position where only one can attack you. Later in the level, Juggernauts and Hunters teleport in to help with the Bobs and F'lickta. They make short work of them, but if one wants to keep the ammunition dropped by them, try and kill them yourself with bullets or fusion. Explore a little, and you will find shotgun shells. Recharge on air, and leave by reading the terminal.


  • In one of the water pools in the latter part of the level, a fusion pistol can be found.
  • In the bunker at the first part of the level, if you hop up into the corner on the left (point of view from the entrance), open the secret door. From here, you can snipe at unsuspecting Bobs. Collect the ammunition that teleports in.


To be Added


  • One sharp-eyed Marathoner may have noticed a recess in the wall in the latter part of the level that may well have housed a terminal. Thanks to Durandal Terminal Browser, this is what came up (notice that this may have been the only terminal with the Marathon 2 S'pht logon/off screen):
this terminal sucked
Page 1:
this terminal sucks

However, avid Marathoners were not satisfied, and demanded Bungie for the original text. They complied:

Page 1:
Now, when we are so near our end, I think upon the fate of our ancestor S'pht Y'sa M'nr, who went before the S'pht K'hrr while they pleaded for peace.
On hearing our just grievances, S'boath addressed our ancestor thus:
"Of these thousand forms of ?Yrro? Which is the very first?
In the hearts of the retainers before me are a thousand thoughts and ten thousand imaginings, of these, which is the very first one?"
S'pht Y'sa M'nr replied:
"Who is this ?Yrro?"
S'boath caught him by a spline and flung him into a pit.
A thousand of our lifetimes do not equal one moment over Y'sa's pit.

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