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Vitality:160 / 200 /
Primary weapon:energy bolt
Invulnerabilities: 🔥

Compilers are the front-line genetically engineered S'pht troops in the Pfhor army. They appear to be floating shells wearing armor and cloaks, and have a unique ability to interface with computers. They are armed with strange orb-like crystals, which can fire bolts of energy. They are, uniquely, the only enemy in the games other than the S'pht Defender to be completely silent. Compilers are immune to flame and lava.

On the U.E.S.C. Marathon, they caused security breaches in terminals that they interfaced with. There are invisible variants of compilers as well.



Compilers wear different colors of armor to denote abilities and rank:

Minor compiler

The minor compilers wear orange robes, with yellow crystals. They are less powerful than their major counterparts. Minor compilers also come in invisible variants.

Major compiler

The major compilers wear purple robes, with green crystals. They are more powerful than their minor counterparts, and they also have seeking energy bolts. Major compilers also come in invisible variants. When the game's difficulty level is set to "Total Carnage", no minor compilers ever appear. Instead, you will see only major compilers.

Elite compiler

Dark gray armor is worn only by Elite soldiers, such as members of Admiral Tfear's personal guard whom make their only appearance on the level You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time! and the Vidmaster Challenge levels. They can survive numerous direct hits from rockets before dying.


  • The vitality statistics were taken from the Aleph One source code.
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