Charon Doesn't Make Change

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Charon Doesn't Make Change
Scenario Marathon 2
Level # 3
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Sewage
Mission {{{mission}}}
Attributes Exploration
Monsters Fighter
Previous The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
Next What About Bob?

Charon Doesn't Make Change is the third and final level of Lh'owon, the first chapter of Marathon 2.



It is on this exploration mission that Durandal reveals that he is looking for a way to contact the eleventh S'pht clan, or the S'pht'Kr. You explore an excavation area in hopes of finding information that the Pfhor have already unearthed about the clan, but instead learn only background information about the F'lickta and the departure of the S'pht'Kr. From here, we continue on to What About Bob?, where we begin striking at Pfhor military targets.


You teleport into the level in a room on the second story of the complex with an open window leading to the ground outside. Take that window out and head left. Follow the linear path fairly cautiously, and hang back once you see the ground dip down to reveal sewage. If you haven't been spotted by the Fighters and you wait long enough (in the Mac version, anyway), all the Pfhor will teleport out at the far end of this room. Once this is accomplished (or you get impatient and waste them all), head back into the first floor of the complex via the large door that you see coming just around the corner. Kill off the F'lickta inside, then go back outside and jump into the sewage. To your left are a few F'lickta and a dead end. Head right to find a small staircase, a polygon with lots of Flow Strength that takes some amount of footwork to avoid, and a F'lickta on the stairs. After punching this F'lickta to death (you're underwater and not left with a choice), take the elevator he's guarding up to a ledge that runs around the top of the level. You'll find a small ammo cache and then begin your descent into the basement.

Kill any F'lickta you find, and try to stay to the right side of the path (the left side just ends in little windows you can't quite fit through). When you come to a point where you fall down a series of stairs and end up in waist-high sewage, turn right and use your Run key to jump from step to step. If you climb all the way up, you'll be rewarded with more ammo, an oxygen recharger, and a 2x health recharger. Once you've replenished your supplies, fall back down into the sewage below and walk down the long corridor. The hallway will dump out to the left onto a couple steps. Climb these and kill the Tick and F'lickta in this room. Don't read the terminal yet! There's a gray door on the far end of the room that you should open and explore. It's a dead end and doesn't contain much, but it does have some information about the F'lickta on a terminal you're allowed to read and a cage that kills enemies. From here, walk back through the gray door and turn right. Walk up and down this staircase to trigger some of Marathon's required polygon checks. Then read the terminal you ignored earlier.

This will teleport you into a closed room with lots and lots of F'lickta. If it suits you, kill all of them. The major target of this area is first the lit octagonal room. Standing in this room triggers a platform on the other side of the area (you can see the platform if you look out across the sewage) that opens to reveal a series of terminals. Reading all of these terminals from left to right will complete this area. You're teleported again to another room. Walk near the inlay in the wall that's textured differently and it will begin to open automatically. Wait until the entire set of platforms is done moving, then proceed into the following room to kill the awaiting F'lickta. Reading the yellow S'pht terminal to gather more storyline information. Read the red Pfhor terminal to be teleported back to the first teleporter, near the 2x charger. I recommend instead that you skip the Pfhor terminal, walk up the stairs in the back of the room, and out onto the dry plateau just outside of the window. An ammo cache will teleport in. From here, you can walk into one of the windows and you'll find yourself back on the first floor of the main complex. Working your way back to the beginning of the level and reading the first terminal will allow you to exit.


  • If you head all the way to the east (according to the automap) on the first level of the complex and try to use the gray door recess waaaay back into the wall, it should open to reveal a second magnum. There are reports of being able to access this weapon without an assault rifle to grenade hop with, but grenade hopping is by far the easier way to go.


Terminal 1: 1st message




Terminal 1: 2nd message




Terminal 2: 1st message






Terminal 3: 1st message




Terminal 4: 1st message




Terminal 5: 1st message





Terminal 6: 1st message




Terminal 6: 2nd message




Terminal 7: 1st message




Terminal 8: 1st message




Terminal 9: 1st message





  • Charon Doesn't Make Change was originally a level title for Pathways into Darkness that never made it into the game. The level name was reused here in Marathon 2. Charon of Greek mythology was the ferryman of the rivers Styx and Acheron. When the Greeks buried their dead, they would place a coin in the mouth of the departed to pay for the crossing. Charon not making change is just a joke played off of that myth; he'll take all of what he can get.
  • The level underwent some amount of remodeling when it was ported for the release of Marathon 2 on Win95. Some polygons were split up and changed to allow for new shadow shading. The textures were also reassigned and realigned on the interior of the building. The steps that rise out of the floor in the first version now sink into the floor, complete with skeletons. The gap in the pillar in the first terminal room was filled in the revised version, and the alien teleporter on the far end of the outdoors area was also removed. However, the top of the building is now both reachable and filled with Goal Polygons, so the Pfhor head up there to be teleported out instead. Some of the stairways have been slightly reshaped and re-textured, but no serious changes were made there. Finally, the teleporter that brings you into the sealed area was realigned and sends you to one of the ends near the locked doors rather than in between the doors in the middle.

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