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Bungie ("Bungie Software Products Corporation", now "Bungie Studios"), a company created by Alexander Seropian and Jason Jones, created Marathon. They have been busy during the last few years staging a bloody coup of Microsoft's Game Studios.


Bungie's first "release" was Gnop!, a clone of Pong, which was distributed for free. This was followed by the tile combat game Operation Desert Storm. For much of the 1990s they developed a series of increasingly technically detailed first person shooter (FPS) games for the Macintosh.

Their first big break was 1993's Pathways Into Darkness, the first true FPS for the Mac. Bungie would then follow with the Marathon series which introduced a number of new concepts into the FPS genre. Marathon 2 was Bungie's first Mac/PC release and most of the following titles would be dual platform as well. Their success gave rise to a large 3rd party developer community as well as a short lived newsletter published through BBS. Following the success of Marathon was Myth which created a new type of game featuring 3rd party combat and stressing unit management as opposed to the resource gathering model of other combat strategy titles. This spawned a large and active online community which is still active on playmyth.net.

In 1999 they announced their next product was a return to the FPS genre, with a world-beating physics and AI system, to be known as Halo. While Halo was featured in the MacWorld 2000 keynote address by then-interim-CEO Steve Jobs (after a closed-door screening at E3 in 1999), plans were to release at the same time on both the Mac and Windows. On 2000-06-19, however, Microsoft announced that they had acquired Bungie Software and that Bungie would become a part of the Microsoft Game Division (subsequently renamed Microsoft Game Studios) under the name Bungie Studios. As a result, the original versions were soon delayed and the game was re-purposed for the Xbox, with the Mac and Windows versions only shipping two years later when it was no longer the renowned product it would have been in late 2000.

The Xbox version of Halo, which received the "Game of the Year" and "Console Game of the Year" awards for 2002 from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, is known as a system seller and as of 2004 is still a videogame bestseller. Halo has been one of the most critically acclaimed games over the last three years, and its sequel Halo 2 has been called the "most anticipated game of all time" by IGN's Xbox website.

The company began life in a dormitory on the University of Chicago, and subsequently moved off-campus to real offices in Chicago, Illinois. In 1997 Bungie West was opened, located in San Jose, California. After Microsoft's acquisition, the company moved into the Microsoft Campus at Redmond, Washington. Lack of space has prompted a move to Kirkland, Washington, which has recently taken place.

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