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Vitality: / /
Primary weapon:Pistol

BoBs are humans aboard the Marathon, where BoB is an acronym for Born on Board. In the original Marathon, BoBs are unarmed, while in Marathon 2 they are armed with standard pistols and in Marathon Infinity some come vacuum-sealed with fusion pistols. They are indicated on the map by a flashing blue dot.

Due to the UESC Marathon's lengthy three century travel towards Tau Ceti, most of the original human population did not survive the journey. They did, however, procreate. The human population aboard the Marathon eventually consisted primarily of BoBs with the only exceptions being a few passengers that were placed in stasis. (Therefore, Bernard Strauss, who was in stasis, is not a BoB.) The eventual population of Tau Ceti would reflect this as well.

A majority of the BoB population was destroyed when the Pfhor nuked the colony on Tau Ceti. The only survivors were those aboard the Marathon. These survivors included Robert Blake who eventually assisted Durandal and the player-character in rebelling against the Pfhor. After the incident at Lh'owon, Blake and the remaining survivors returned to Earth using the Pfhor refueling vessel Hfarl. [1]

The color of the BoB uniforms represented the following classes: Green - Civilian Crew, Blue - Civilian Science, Red - Civilian Security,


Main article: Simulacrum

Simulacrums were created by the Pfhor to mimic the appearance and actions of humans. They have been nicknamed "exploding BoBs" due to their habit of running around with packs of BoBs and detonating themselves whenever they encountered the player-character.

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