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UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) Return/Enter to Acknowledge
Acme Station
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 7
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Jjaro
Mission Repair
Attributes Vaccuum
Monsters Fighter
Previous Where are monsters in dreams
Post Naval Trauma
Aie Mak Sicur Failed
Carroll Street Station Failed
Next Post Naval Trauma

Acme Station is the first level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



Fresh from the dreamy hell, you are under Durandal, and are operating an a scanning buoy in deep Lh'owon orbit. Durandal says it is not of Pfhor design- the textures suggest Jjaro. You are ordered to disable it by destroying three panels. The only enemies on the level are Fighters and Cyborgs, but there are Compliers visible from the transparisteel viewports. This is a difficult vacuum level.


The save term is located from your starting point as follows: from the terminal where you start by, turn away from it, run towards the blocked door, turn left, turn left again, then take the first hallway to the right. At the first chance, make a left, and hit the save term. This will help you finish this level.

Your goal is to destroy several switches, which can only be gotten to by teleporting into a room that you share will a tank guy or two. In order to avoid being blown up immediately, have your fists out and ready to punch the switch, sit on the teleport, allowing yourself to teleport back and forth several times so that you get your bearings for your destination, then run off the platform in the switch room, hug the wall and run circles around the tank guy, until you can hit the switch, then jump back on the teleport and run out. You should save your game before and after each time you are about to do this as you'll probably get killed the first few times you try it.

Its better to use your magnum pistols over your SSM or fusion pistol on this level, as you should have a large amount of ammo for it by this time.

After hitting all the switches, return to the terminal at the start to end the level.


  • There is a set of doors near the beginning of the level that you can't appear to open. The switch that opens this is located on the backside of a switch that opens a similar set of doors elsewhere in the level. Once opened, you'll find some Pfhor troops as well as a 2x recharger.


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