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Autonomous Military Dangi Droid
Vitality: / /
Primary weapon:Assault Rifle
Secondary weapon:Grenade

AMDD, or Autonomous Military Dangi Droid, are battleroid soldiers produced by the Dangi Corp. in Marathon Rubicon. Durandal later scavenged them after the collapse of the Salinger and reprogrammed them against you. The AMDD's have the same appearance as the GI Bob but with orange shoulder pads and twice the strength and precision. If you were to kill them, you'd see it's cyborg juices ooze out in a beige-type fluid.


This is a quote from a terminal (Durandal, Break the Sword)

They look almost human, don't they? At least until you open them up. One might wonder why DANGI would bother to make battledroids so realistic. Ceramic skin would have been more functional. Another curiousity is thesemi-biological brain they're equipped with. Those things are capable much more than act as simple battlefield grunts.


  • The acronym and name is a reference to "M.A.D.D.", the Marathon Automated Defense Drones.
  • In Marathon, Durandal reprogrammed multiple M.A.D.D.'s in Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones... against the player. The similar incident occurs in Marathon Rubicon.
  • Two typos exist on one of the terminals in Break the Sword having to do with the AMDDs. First, the misspelling of "AMMD", before correcting it a few sentences later. And secondly, mistaking "battledroid" for "battleroid".

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